Sunset Campers – Wholesale Camper Trailers Melbourne

Have you ever set up camp next to someone and marveled at their impressive luxury camper trailer and camping setup? Observing with envy the perfect camper trailer for Australian conditions and left wondering how to get your hands on such a versatile and handy piece of equipment?

Well now you need not be without that perfect setup yourself thanks to Sunset Campers timeless range of camper trailers for sale at highly competitive rates. Our acclaimed and highly durable range of camper trailers, for sale both online and onsite will help you to set out on that Australian adventure in no time at all.

If you’re looking for cheap camper trailers for sale Melbourne, Victoria then Sunset campers is a one stop shop. Our dedicated staff will ensure that you find the most suitable camper trailer to start out on your journey across Australia – you’ll be so delighted with the practical nature of trailer ownership that you’ll likely never want to return to the city again.

At Sunset Campers we have been manufacturing On & Off Road All Australian made Campers for the past 8 years. Our product has been proven time and time again throughout the most extreme rugged conditions. Buy wholesale camper trailers cheaply by purchasing directly through us, the supplier and save.

Sunset Campers is a family owned business who pride ourselves on quality built campers and good old fashioned service. Our low overheads enable us to produce a top quality product at a very competitive budget price as you are dealing directly with the manufacturer (no middle man).

Sunset Campers are built to a standard, not just a price. We offer a 2 year warranty on our Campers, ensuring you hassle free camping and peace of mind, knowing you are backed by a Company that loves Australian’s great outdoors as much as you do, after all we are Campers to.

All Sunset Camper Trailers are 100% Australian Made in Ballarat, Inc Extra Heavy Duty Aussie Canvas (no import tents)

Always remember quality remains long after the price is forgotten.

Our camper trailers are Australian made and built tough with extra strong chassis,’ perfectly suited for rugged Australian conditions.

The gorgeous landscape of this great nation is just waiting to be explored and the long distance road journey is a right of passage for Australians of any age. For this type of adventure there is reason to skimp on quality.One of our Australian off road camper trailers will give you peace of mind while on the road undertaking your life changing road journey.

Sunset campers are proudly Australian owned and operated, dedicated to delivering camper trailers to Victorian’s who’re unwilling to compromise on quality –offering heavy duty off road camper trailers for sale at the most competitive rates.

We have over 5 different models of camper trailers, with cheap prices to suit any budget – from low-end all the way through to deluxe models.

It is rare that you’ll find another more committed business providing purpose built off road camper trailers anywhere else in Australia. Whatever your purpose, or wherever your destination, we guarantee you’ll find the right trailer for the journey. Explore the rugged terrain of Central Australia or the far north without fear of defeat by the elements.