Cheap Wholesale Camper Trailers for sale in Sydney, NSW

Us here at Sunset Camper Trailers have a fantastic range of discount camper trailers for sale in Sydney, New South Wales. We are a proudly Australian owned small manufacturing business who build camper trailers for your needs and deliver all over Australia.

Our factory is based in Mount Gambier SA but we distribute all over Australia.

We offer different models of camper trailers in Sydney like the base models Crossover and the Crossover Delux then step up into the Outlander which is fantastic for national parks. Then you go step up again to the ultra durable camper trailer for the tough terrains we offer the Extreme 4×4.

All our trailers for sale in Sydney are of the highest quality and are extremely strong and durable with extra strong chassis for all kinds of easy dirt roads to the ultra tough terrain and river crossings.

All the tents that come with the camper trailers are all Australia made canvas so there is no imports at all.

With our camper trailers they all come with a 2 year warranty.

Buy a cheap camper trailer in Sydney today directly from the manufacturer and supplier to take advantage of the wholesale prices.